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Need Trade Show Displays? Starline Displays Has You Covered!

What makes the ideal trade show display? Each business has unique needs when it comes to creating the right presentation. By leveraging stylish trade booth displays, your company stands out from the competition. Want to make an impression? A display booth is the right way to catch the eyes of any potential customers on the trade show floor.

Attractiveness isn't the only element of a trade show booth you should consider. It should be able to stand up to the elements. Our trade show booth displays stand up to the harshest conditions, ensuring that your product shows up well, whether the setting is indoors or outdoors. The quality of your presentation is a direct reflection of the quality of your product.

No one wants to have a trade show booth design that looks just like everyone else's. To truly stand out from the crowd, you want trade show exhibits that are unique and help your product pop up to your visitors, then designing a custom trade show booth display idea is the best way to do so.

At Starline Displays, we believe in delivering quick turnaround times alongside high-quality craftsmanship. Whatever the next promotional event you have planned, your custom booth displays will impress the audience, unlike anything they've ever seen.

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In dealing with trade shows, a few of the more common questions we encounter from clients are as follows:

Where to Buy Trade Show Displays?

Several merchants offer trade show displays. Starline Displays offer the highest quality of products, but also deliver on the promise of a wide range of products that can fit the needs of any company. The aim of attending a trade show is to stand out. To this end, buying a custom trade show booth display from Starline Displays ensures that your company is visible and attractive to the buyers.

Starline Displays is the obvious choice for serious business owners because of a handful of factors:


We work closely with the companies that partner with us to ensure that their products fulfill their needs and keep the brand image intact.


Construction quality for display booths is a much-overlooked part of putting together the ideal display. We believe in using only the highest quality materials for our booth constructions - a detail all of our clients appreciate.


What's the use of a trade show display booth if you can't afford the final product? We manage costs to keep our displays affordable for our clients while keeping our quality and speed of construction at the optimal level.

How Much Does a Trade Show Booth Cost?

The cost of a trade booth varies by the size and type of display that you may need. Trade show details may vary. If your company travels to a lot of locations where you have limited space, then a smaller display might better suit your needs. However, if you cover high-profile events, then you will need something flashier to stand out from the competition. Starline Displays has a wide range of products to cover the needs of every type of trade show attendee.

Size Considerations

Some display booths need to be smaller. A trade show won't look too kindly on your coming to their floor space with a display that's too large to fit in your allotment. Starline Displays have portable trade show booth displays ranging from 6' to 10' display sizes, with our largest displays covering 30'.

  • 6' Displays

    These 6' displays are ideal for limited floor space. We offer these at a flat rate of $500 per display.

  • 8' Displays

    These displays are a bit more flexible, offering a lot more room to work with and a wider variety of materials to choose from. They range between $600 and $1,250.

  • 10' Displays

    These 10x10 displays are the perfect balance of portability and usability. They fit nicely into small and large conference floors with only minor adjustments. They can cost anywhere between $750 and $4,500 depending on the quality of the display.

  • 20' Displays

    For companies that are looking to make more of an impact on the trade show floor, these displays are ideal for drawing the maximum attention. They can cost anywhere between $1,600 and $6,400 based on the type of display you choose.

  • 30' Displays

    These displays are the largest that Starline Displays offers, and they are great for making a splash at the large conventions. Most of the people on the floor would notice these displays, and they will draw attention with their glamor and style. They cost between $2,400 and $2,600 per display.


The size of the display is only part of what a business should be looking at. If you really want to stand out, you should look at the type of material your display is going to be made of. Starline displays offer several of these including:

  • Fabric Pop-Up: These are great for smaller shows that don't need a lot of flashy style to stand out. If a business is looking to be more conservative, it's a good idea fo invest in these display booths.

  • Smart-Fit Displays: Perfect for limited size engagements, these displays show off a combination of style and class. They work well with businesses with products that may need adjustability in their booth displays.

  • Tabletop Displays: The most common type of trade show booths that you'll encounter on the floor are tabletop displays. These are great for companies just starting on the trade show route who want to make an impact but not be overwhelming in their presentation.

  • Lighted Displays: These utilize the attractive factor of a well-lit display to draw in customers. Lightbox and Backlit displays are great options for companies that want to pull more attention from passers-by.

  • Modular Displays: Businesses that have a wide range of products that may need to attend different sizes of events should be able to adjust their booths to each situation. Modular displays are the ideal choice here.

What Should I Bring to a Trade Show Booth?

Trade show booths differ based on the industry. Depending on your needs, you'd bring different objects to outfit your trade show booth space. Among the most common things that you should carry with you to your next event are:

  • Promotional Items: No one will refuse free stuff. Promotional items give visitors a chance to try your product and drum up free publicity when they talk about it to their friends.

  • Business Cards: People who visit your booth obviously want to know who you are. Have business cards ready to spread the word about your products.

  • Supplies: You never know what you're going to need out on the trade show floor. A supplies box with utilities from box cutters to duct tape is a useful addition at your trade booth.

  • Refreshments: Trade shows are a marathon. You might not have time to get refreshments at the stands that are there, so you should prepare to have them at your own spot, so you don't have to move around.

How Do You Run a Booth at a Convention?

Running a booth at a convention is about getting consumers to notice you. To do that, your booth has to stand out with something bright and flashy to draw the eye. First impressions count for a lot. Human beings also have an innate feeling to follow popularity, so having a small crowd at your booth won't go unnoticed. Finally, interactive displays are the best ways to ensure your users are engaged.

Having a great product means nothing if you can't interest people to try it out. You can count on Starline Displays to create the kind of trade show booth display your business would get the most value out of, regardless of the type of trade show floor.