1) Why would it be advisable for us to offer inclination to Starline Displays when such huge numbers of brands are accessible in the market?

We are veterans in the field of trade show manufacturing and to demonstrate displays. Our enormous demographic is a sign of the nature of tents that we make. We have endeavored to coordinate this great nature of items with efficient costs. Our tent displays are created with much enthusiasm and that is the reason you will locate the metal casings complete as smooth as conceivable without any burrs and uneven clean, Fabric material exceptionally smooth and of good quality .We are focused on quality and furthermore take mind that quality does not squeeze your pockets.

2) Where will I discover item particulars, for example, estimate, shading, pressing measurements, and other specialized details?

Every one of these points of interest will be accessible on the site and furthermore when you visit the item page each little detail is outfitted in addition to we have a help group that will deal with inquiries.

3) Will these tents survive the brutal atmosphere conditions?

Indeed these tents are UV safe and will survive the unforgiving sun in this way give security. Texture material is Flame verification and water safe hence giving all the insurance against rain and fire. Since these texture materials are UV safe tent outlines never blur even after number of employments at shows in the brutal sun.

4) What are the measurements of different tents amid show and what are the pressing measurements?

Every one of the measurements of tents amid show and keeping in mind that transportation ie in the pressed state are accessible on the item page of the site.

5) What is the technique to pack a tent and store?

After presentations are more than tents ought to be collapsed effectively to make great space accessible for capacity in the pressing cases. It should be guaranteed that they are free from dust particles and water if presented to rain .They ought to be essentially dry. Legitimate capacity improves the life of these tents and can be utilized for a considerable length of time together at the presentations .No weight or power ought to be utilized as a part of the pressing cases as these pressing cases are never intended for weight packing’s of these tents.

6) How are the costs of different items with choices accessible are resolved?

They are shown on the correct side of the item page with various choices accessible on the site.


1) Where would i be able to get Design layouts on the off chance that our plan group need to send outlines?

They are accessible on the item page of the site. They are accessible in PDF arranges and can be downloaded from site.

2) Do you offer outline bolster?

Truly we offer the plan bolster and recommend the most expert outlines thinking about your prerequisite. This spares part of time amid occupied display plans.

3) What is the printing strategy utilized for making these tents appealing?

We utilize most recent color sublimation procedures for printing. These prints are finished utilizing most recent advancements and programming. These prints are durable and blur evidence. The material utilized for making these tents is polyester 600D which is exceptionally smooth and influence the outlines to look more wonderful.

4) What sort of inks are utilized for printing?

Boundless inks are used for printing and these hues are eco amicable. They don't blur for extensive stretch of time even in the brutal atmosphere. These prints work for significant lot of time on tents with no upkeep expenses or running expenses.

5) Will my tent look precisely the same as in the site?

We attempt to coordinate the prints and shades of tents as close as conceivable with the one in the site. Last assembling of the tent will be just done after the endorsement from your side and group .We won't charge for messages or configuration proofs independent of number of cycles.


1) Are request scratch-offs conceivable?

To get up to speed with strict and occupied time plans we begin the assembling procedure once the outline is concluded .so it ends up hard to drop the request once set as all the crude materials are as of now secured.

2) What to do if there should arise an damage of material?

Send photograph duplicates or pictures of items on the off chance that you have gotten things in harmed condition. These verifications are helpful for additionally handling with protection and dispatch organizations.

3) How to continue to be qualified for Damage claim?

To be Eligible for Damage claim, Report matter inside 1-2 business days finish with supporting archives as confirmation for messenger organization.

4) What are the request Delivery times?

Request conveyance time’s shift from 7 to 9 weeks from date of conclusion of configuration points of interest and your endorsement to proceed with assembling. For a few items this might be diminished to 5 to 7 weeks. We have given an uncommon surge office if there should arise an occurrence of urgencies and tight calendars which will be low of 5 days after fine art endorsements.

5) What are the methods of installment for orders situation?

Online installment office is accessible. We acknowledge ace card, visa card and American express card.

6) What precisely is turnaround time and how it is figured?

All Turnaround times are estimated in business working days as Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays amid which we are shut are not thought about generation days and thus not meant turnaround time. Turnaround time begins simply after all endorsements, specialized, business and others are satisfied. Technical endorsements incorporate fine art endorsements. All requests are prepared just when these documents are approved including the installments. Cut-off time is 12:00pm (twelve) consistently. Requests got after 12 pm will be prepared following day or the next morning.

It would be ideal if you take note of, all turnaround times are roughly assessed circumstances and not correct dates of conveyance. We invest our best push to dispatch your conveyance soonest conceivable yet in spite of our earnest attempts, certain elements are outside our ability to control, and sadly can expand turnaround times (awful climate, mechanical disappointment, despicably arranged fine art.)

Pivot times allude exclusively to generation. Transportation travel isn't included. If the committal we dispatch gets late for conveyance to your site, it won't be viewed as a shipper delay.


1) How rapidly these tents can be setup?

Finish tent setup should be possible in a matter of minutes as they are simply squeeze fit structures for casing and run the textures onto outline. They can be introduced by just a single or two people amid occupied display plans and can be brought down as fast after the exchange indicates are finished.

2) Can we join at least two tents to make a greater one?

Truly it is totally conceivable to make a greater tent by joining at least two little tents. For this situation you can wipe out joining the middle dividers between these tents.

3) Is it conceivable to keep the side dividers open for ventilation of tent?

Truly they are totally measured and you can introduce them the way you need at the trade show expo. You can completely plan the tent as indicated by space accessibility on the floor.

4) Is it basic to make some starter arrangements, for example, making establishments to introduce these tents?

It isn't at all basic to make any establishments on the floor for introducing these tents. The bundle accompanies sand sacks which hold the tents and shape a firm base. All snares, ropes and sticks additionally accompany bundle to introduce these tents.

5) Are these bundles carriers or Flights amicable?

Indeed every one of these bundles are carrier neighborly and can go with you in flights amid occupied timetables of display. Gathering or conveying sacks accompany wheels with the goal that you can move them easily at air terminals and over the parlor and floors.


1) Do Starline tent items accompany guarantee?

Truly every Starline Displays item accompanies a guarantee against assembling deserts. For additionally points of interest you can visit our site and login to the specific item page.

2) Whom would it be a good idea for me to impart to if there should be an occurrence of repair or substitution?

You can contact our sales@starlinedisplays.com office or basically drop a mail so we will additionally return with your concern most punctual conceivable.


We ship items to every one of the states and urban areas in USA. We likewise organize to assist the items utilizing favored transporter. Shipping to different goals are charged and shown on the site.